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Work Projects

Green Areas and Playgrounds

From building to refurbishing, playgrounds play an integral role in any community. Giving an area for people to relax in the beauty of nature and an area for kids to be kids.


Probably the greatest necessity in any community. From simple entrance roads, to community streets, electricity, running water, houses, schools, clinics to proper waste drainage and on. Always trying to improve the quality of life through basic infrastructure.


Houses, schools, classrooms, playgrounds and various other structures. Painting of structures in Guatemala is vitally important to the long-term durability against the hot sun during dry season and the soggy rain that blankets Guatemala for several months a year.


Building relationships and cultural exchanges are of the utmost importance. We believe that everyone, regardless of what country you come from, can gain something that we believe is a necessity in seeking equality for everyone.

Health, Wellness, and Education

Running water. Proper diet. 3 meals. Medical. Dental. Vision. Proper vitamins. Proper Medication. These are some of the daily issues relating to health & wellness for everyone.