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Guatemala Team


Nathan Ingram

Country Director  |  Gerente de País


A jack of all trades and a master of none, since 2007 Nathan has dedicated his time to those less fortunate. In 2010, Nathan moved to Guatemala joining a 13-month volunteer program. After completing this first, he stayed on for another two years volunteering and living in the small town of Parramos, Guatemala. There he met his wife Bianka. They now reside in the city of San Lucas, Sacatepéquez, Guatemala with their 4-year-old son Joseph.


Nathan works closely with Gerardo on a day-to-day basis visiting with partnered communities and prospective communities. They work closely with each community leader and the community as a whole, listening to their needs, developing future projects and helping to advance our relationship and the sustainability of the community into the future. Nathan tries to find ways to spread our mission and he is constantly looking toward ways in which One By One can expand through contacts and different partnerships in Guatemala.


Nathan also oversees all preparations and logistics for groups before, during and after their trip here in Guatemala. His knowledge of Guatemala, surrounding cities, towns, communities, his vast and experienced contacts are truly invaluable assets to One By One. Nathan is fully bi-lingual in English and Spanish; speaking, writing and reading.


Gerardo García-Granados

Community Development Coordinator  |  Coodinador de Desarollo Communitario


Gerardo's heart has always been in his community. Born and raised in Guatemala City, Gerardo, with his wife of 40 years, Victoria have lived and contributed to their community and surrounding communities in Bárcenas, Villas Nueva, Guatemala for 35 years. Gerardo has worked intimately with the poorest communities in Bárcenas for most of his career. He has held positions for various Mayors in his municipality as a liaison and Community Development Coordinator.


Gerardo's integral role with One By One has allowed us access to some of the poorest and most in need communities in the area. He helps with coordination between the foundation and the community leaders in Guatemala. His ability to put the community first and communicate between the two has helped in developing a relationship with each One By One partnered community for long into the future. For someone who doesn't have a lot to tangibly give, his care and community first drive is truly inspiring.


Joseph Ingram García-Granados

"Little" Inspirational Leader


Joseph is One By One's little inspirational leader! Joseph is Nathan and Bianka's 4-year-old son. He was born in Guatemala and has been around and involved in this type of work and visiting groups since he was 4 months old. Joseph helped refurbish and paint his first school in Mixco, Guatemala when he was 2 years old.


He is in kindergarten starting in September but you can bet that each day after school he will be waiting to greet each group, eager to call out group numbers for dinner and play in the Villas courtyard until dragged home by his parents. On weekends Joseph will been seen...and heard, calling and helping to lead the group to Antigua, or inviting you in to visit his Abuela's (Victoria) house.


Joseph loves to help the group in the community during their work projects, he is an incredible help translating at the store ;) and if you hear him say "C'mon group!", you better "C'mon group!"


Joseph has been lucky enough to have met and had incredible experiences with so many amazing and inspiring people in his short life thus far. His parents are incredibly grateful to all of his honorary Tios's, Tia's, Pito's and Nonni's!




Julio César Salvajan

Construction Supervisor  |  Supervisor de Construccion


Julio is the lead construction supervisor for One By One. He was born and raised in the town of San Andres, Itzapa, Guatemala. From very humble beginnings, Julio has worked hard his entire life providing for his family. Still residing in San Andres, in their own home, Julio and his wife X raise two children; Julio Jr. (10) and Yennefer (4). Julio's work ethic and knowledge have made him an integral part of One By One allowing us to take on many new projects.


Mynor Rafael Salvajan

Tradesman  |  Albanil


Mynor is Julio's younger brother, born and raised in San Andres, Itzapa as well. Having worked side-by-side for over 15 years, their chemistry is undeniable. With Julio supervising what needs to be done, Mynor quietly uses his tradesman skills and pulls the projects together. His quiet, gentle demeanor but unstoppable hard work never goes unnoticed. Loved by all trip participants, both Mynor and Julio have been accepted in to One By One partnered communities with open arms. Everyone has complete confidence in their professionalism, love and desire to help each community, building lasting relationships well into the future.



Oscar Bio Pic.jpg

Don Oscar Santizo

Owner & Lead Driver  |  Transportes Santizo


"Don" Oscar, as he is referred to, prides himself on his professionalism and customer service.Going anywhere in Guatemala, transportation is of great concern. Oscar owns his own company and his own bus and small tour vans. He and all employees are licensed and insured for all private transportation in Guatemala. He takes every one of his passenger's belongings and safety & security very seriously and it is his top priority. We have worked closely with Oscar for over 15 years and you could not ask for a better person, driver and transport experience.




Manuel Barrios

Tour Guide


Manuel has been with us for 18 years. Manuel was born and raised just outside of Antigua, Sacatepéquez Guatemala. He has lived through many Guatemalan events, including the 36-year civil war from 1960 - 1996. His vast knowledge and personal life experiences will give you an incredible glimpse into the history of the Mayan people and the challenges that they face in 21st century Guatemala.



Victoria .jpg

Victoria Maria García-Granados Davila



Victoria was born and raised in the city of Villa Nueva, Guatemala.Today, she resides in the city of Barcenas, Villa Nueva, Guatemala with her husband of 40 years, Gerardo. Together they have three daughters, Bianka, Maria and Gaby and their late son Gerardo Jr. Together they have 3 grandsons; Nicolas, Santiago and Joseph.


Victoria is a quiet, humble and modest Guatemalan cook. She prides herself on homemade, from scratch, traditional Guatemalan dishes. She makes each dish with recipes passed down from her ancestors. She cooks for the group as if she was cooking for her family at home.


From fan favourite traditional Guatemalan dishes and some North American dishes, the menu created by One By One will have you excited for what's coming next! Victoria, Kathy, Theresa and Cynthia work tirelessly to make sure you are healthy, happy and well fed!


Villa Staff


Mary Aragon

Villas Manager


Mary is there before you wake up and there until you go to sleep. She is at the ready for anything anyone may need. We work closely throughout the year with Mary, making sure everything is looked after for a group's arrival, during your stay and on your way out!

Alma Larios_edited.jpg

Reyna Lopez & Alama Larios



Reyna & Alma work tirelessly to make sure your Villa is as comfortable as possible for your entire stay.You may never actually see either of them though. However, if you see a couple giant balls of laundry making their way through the Villas, that's probably them!

Oscar Castillo.jpeg

Oscar Castillo

Overnight Security


Oscar is there before you go to bed and he is there when you wake up! Aside from the Villas being inside a secure brick wall compound and double locked front gate, Oscar is there taking care of everything throughout the night.

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