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Frequently Asked Questions




  • Guatemala is described as the country of "Eternal Spring"

  • Hot during day (22°C–28°C)

  • Cool at night (17°C–10°C)

  • Warm wear for evening/sleeping

  • Hat

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunscreen

  • Bug Spray - Optional

  • Modest Clothing, Culturally Acceptable

  • Recommended NO jewelry

  • Work clothes

  • Work shoes, gloves



In Canada:


  • Transportation to corresponding Canadian airport responsibility of group

  • Checked bag, packed yourself (check carrier for restrictions)

  • Donation bag(s) organized by specific group

  • Carry-on (check carrier for restrictions)

  • All documents together (ready-to-go in your carry-on or passport holder)

  • Passport valid for 6 months or more on date of travel

  • Foreign passport & visa holders must check with the proper Canadian agencies prior to travel


In Guatemala:

  • Pen for immigration forms

  • Guatemala airport doesn’t allow for entry to wait for arrivals. Supervisors/Leaders make sure that each group member has cleared immigration and collected their bags. Then, exiting the airport as a whole group where there will be a One By One representative there to meet you.

  • Private transportation from airport to accommodations




  • Guatemalan Quetzals (Q's) are preferred and always the easiest

  • Before your trip call your bank or local currency provider. Most have some Quetzals on hand but can easily order enough for the whole group.

  • American dollars are accepted in Guatemala but not everywhere. They can be changed in the banks but will only accept $50 $100 in pristine condition and will require your passport for identification.

  • Bank lines can be long and incredibly slow.Exchanging money can cut into your short time here in Guatemala

  • Canadian Dollars - Not accepted ANYWHERE




  • Immunization shots Hep A, Hep B, Tetanus, Dukorol (PLEASE, consult your local travel clinic)

  • Water, Sunscreen & Rest

  • 3 meals provided/day

  • Unlimited purified water supplied in accommodations and in ALL partnered communities

  • NO street food

  • ONLY purified bottled water

  • Ask for One By One's "Safe & Sanitary Food Preparation & Kitchen Cleanliness"




  • We have 18+ years’ experience leading high school and adult groups in Guatemala and various other countries throughout Central and South America

  • Through our Community Development Coordinator in Guatemala, the communities have been properly vetted and we have been able to develop a true relationship over a significant period of time with our partnered communities

  • We have fully bilingual One By One representatives on-site

  • One By One representatives are with the group at all times

  • We only goto safe, well known tourist areas

  • We use a licensed bilingual private local tour guide

  • We use only licensed and insured private transportation for your whole stay

  • ALWAYS in groups




  • Wi-Fi available in private meeting room at the accommodations for emergencies & home/school updates

  • Developing country Wi-Fi

  • Very little wifi while you are out and about for historical and cultural visits and ZERO wifi in One By One partnered communities

  • One By One representatives, volunteers & workers will have access to a working phone and internet service at all times

  • Encouraged to leave electronic vices away from experience (eg. social media/text/chat)

  • You bring it, you're responsible for it at all times!




  • We use ONLY licensed & registered guides, transport & accommodations

  • Every little bit helps

  • A little goes a long way

  • ALL is incredibly appreciated

  • Ask for One By One's "Suggested Tipping Guide"




  • Value ALL work

  • Work hard & be positive

  • "Grunt" work (ie; lugging block, sand/dirt/stone, concrete, etc...)

  • Painting, Infrastructure, Playgrounds & Green Areas, Health & Wellness, Building Relationships are four areas we try to concentrate our work project efforts

  • We hire local labour, purchase all materials locally and preferably from small in-town hardware retailers & suppliers

  • We partner with local agencies

  • You are making a difference, One By One!




  • We have representatives in Guatemala throughout the year continuously updating any situation that may put any trip participant, One By One representative, volunteers and workers at any risk

  • We constantly follow in-country government agencies monitoring any natural risk or disaster

  • One By One vehicle on-site in partnered communities at all times

  • Ask for One By One's "Emergency In-Country Contact List

  • Ask for One By One’s "Emergency In-Country Preparedness"

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