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Adopt-A-Village Project

Designed with elementary schools in mind, our Adopt-a-Village Project encourages younger students to become involved in helping their peers half a world away.


We have a number of partnered communities in Guatemala, all of whom are in great need. Your class/school can choose which one they would like to support.


The next step is to decide how you will support them.We have a number of suggestions listed below.


Finally, come up with some creative fundraising activities and you are all set.


One by One is here to support your efforts every step of the way. We are always available for school presentations to get things underway and once the fundraiser is complete we will send updates from Guatemala.


It is never too early for students to realize that they really can make a difference, One by One!


Adopt-A-Village Partnered Communities

Community 20th of October & Elementary School 20th of October

Community Anibal Archila I

Elementary School Miriam Orozco


Adopt-A-Village Partnered Schools

Holy Rosary, Guelph

Holy Trinity, Guelph

Mary Phelan, Guelph

Sacred Heart, Guelph

St. Francis, Guelph

St. Ignatius, Guelph

St. John Brebeuf, Erin

St. Joseph, Fergus

St. Michael, Guelph

St. Paul, Guelph

St. Peter, Guelph

June Ave., Guelph

St. Augustine, Cambridge



Community Aníbal

Archila, Guatemala

Help build a road for the Community of Aníbal Archila located in the rural parts of Villa Nueva, Guatemala.


79% of all Guatemalan’s live below the poverty line. These communities lack all basic infrastructure. A permanent paved road is a key component to a better quality of life. At $2 CAD per paving stone you will be able to track the difference you are making, stone by stone.

Lucky Iron Fish


ALL One By One

supported communites

Iron deficiency affects almost 2 billion people. That’s one third of the world’s population.


Iron is an essential nutrient that helps your most vital organs receive the oxygen they need. This preventable nutritional deficiency can lead to anemia. One Iron Fish ($30 CAD) can provide up to 90% of the recommended daily intake. Safe & reusable for up to 5 years. Boil the Iron Fish in any liquid or broth based meals to infuse food and drinking water with iron. This will drastically improve the health of the people of these communities.



ALL One By One

supported communities

& schools

75% of Guatemalans don’t have access to clean, running water.


One Eco-Filtro can filter 1-2 litres/hour with a total capacity of 20 litres. Each unit is suitable for 5-6 people and costs $55 CAD. Each Eco-Filtro comes with a filter that lasts 2 years. (replacements available for $37 CAD)

Life Bags


ALL One By One

supported communites

Life Bags contain essential food staples in a Guatemalan diet.


Rice, beans, sugar, cooking oil and powdered children’s milk supplement are found in each Life Bag. Containing over 20lbs of food plus cooking oil, a Life Bag, depending on family size, can last anywhere from two weeks to one month. $25 CAD/Life Bag.

Socks, Dental

& Hygiene Products


ALL One By One

supported communities

Socks are the most needed clothing item in the developing world.


Socks, dental and hygiene products are items used on a daily basis and are a dire necessity in the poor communities of Guatemala. Sock, dental and/or hygiene product fundraising drives along with cash-in-hand help families in One By One supported communities have these incredibly important daily necessities.

School Supplies


Miriam Orozco Elementary School & 22nd of July Elementary School

Education is the key!


Underfunded or not funded at all, most Guatemalan schools lack basic supplies and infrastructure for each student and faculty. Fundraising drives and cash-in-hand help Miriam Orozco Elementary School & 22nd of July Elementary School supply their school, students and faculty, with the essential basic school supplies and infrastructure.

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